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Child in Parking Lot

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April 16, 2019

•  A young child: sandy blonde disheveled hair, clothing pastels (jeans-type shorts), everything light and pastel about this child. Boy. Age 7-9.

•  Setting: greyed, hard surface (resembling a asphalt) with lines painted on this surface (resembling parking spaces), multi-colored boxy objects (resembling cars). I had the impression it was a parking lot.

    Ahead, the appearance of water, wood square structures, triangular objects (reminded me of a harbor with sailboats in the water). Trees surrounded the periphery of the scene.


•  To one side, a silver rectangular box-type object, standing upright, approx 7'x5'x3' in size. It appeared to have a lock on its top edge.

The child meandered past the silver box and toward the parking lot area. He appeared to be lost in thought, anxious. He walked with one hand outstretched, running his fingers the length of the silver object then headed toward the first colored object (car). 

• I heard the child say, "I just don't want to lose my parents" as he wandered farther away from my position. I felt concern that he did not realize he was wandering off and would certainly get lost.