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Learn Lenormand Class ~ No experience required.

Please join me to learn about this amazing deck of 16th century oracle cards.

You can pick up your cards and other supplies at Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center or Crescent Moon Gifts.

Space is limited, so let me know you'll be there.

$12 class fee requested

Learn Lenormand

  •  "We all have mice and we all have mountains to conquer. Lenormand is like a puzzle or a map of your life. Robert Viridian Daniel was across the table confronting his mountain and obstacles while wrestling bears and I was on the other side confronting my mountain while dealing with snakes with little mice running around (I forgot, I had an unopened cheese stick in my purse, maybe that was the attraction). It's a bit like the adventure movie Jumanji, and just like in the movie, there are powerful lessons that are presented as we travel through our own stories. The classes were more than leaning to read cards, they have been powerful explorations into the dreams and fears that we often keep hidden. I can honestly say that the classes have assisted me in my spiritual transformation. Everyone in the class assisted others in their journey and we had you, Kathryn McCauley Ante as our spiritual coach, teacher and tour guide as we took this journey. Thank you so much for offering your amazing talents as a psychic, teacher and friend. Many blessings." –– Pat Brack (Oct. 2019)


    "This course was all at once very challenging, very enjoyable, and very rewarding. The Lenormand cards are an incredible system to work with, and Kathryn was an equally incredible guide as we delved down into their depths and soared high above to gain new perspectives on the cards and on ourselves. With help from Kathryn McCauley Ante, Pat Brack, and others in the class I have gained so much knowledge about myself as a card reader and as person and can say that I left this class having feeling like I’d climbed a Mountain and come down transformed. Kathryn has my highest gratitude and I highly recommend her as a teacher of cards, guide, and intuitive." –– Robert Daniel (October 2019)